mobile petting zoo petting farm available all over Michigan pony rings 
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Great for a company picnic, school or church picnic 
Mobile zoo

Here are some of the animals with which we travel:
We are USDA licensed, and carry one million dollars of liability insurance
shetland sheep
ball python
african spurred tortoise
giant hissing roaches
leopard gecko
legless lizard
domestic mouse
muntjac deer
beaded bluetongue
golden bluetongue skink
sugar glider
patagonian cavy
emperor scorpion

forest armadillo lizard
hooded rat
hinge back tortoise
chinese box turtle
prehensile tailed skink
gold skink
fat tail skink
ornate plated lizard
two headed python
chaco tortoise
red leg tortoise
sudan plated lizard
prairie dog
petting zoo family friendly entertainment MI
red leg tortoise
gold skink
sugar glider
two headed python
We explain origins, habits and any interesting bits of information about each. With very few exceptions we offer hands on experience with each animal.
7 pony ring always a hit
Our traveling animals will catch the attention of all your guests. We provide talks and demonstrations and plenty of “hands-on fun” for everyone.  After visiting during the summer of 2009, we developed a second choice based on the need of our clients.  
We offer two sizes of Farm on the GO! now, and discuss the options with you, 
based on the size of your event. 
Licensed by USDA
If you have need of a camel, or two, or three, or four, or...well, you get the picture. Call us. With thousands of happy riders 

When we say we bring a petting farm, we bring it! The farm consists of more than 50 familiar and rare domestic Petting Farm animals, from pygmy goats to the rare Jacob four-horned sheep and unique Myline miniature cattle. Brightly colored Brahma chickens and adorable baby donkeys add to the excitement.

All of our animals are selected for health, temperament, and visual appeal. Your guests will visit with the animals and have the opportunity to feed them.
1 hour 30 minutes / $475 (Additional time $75 per half hour.) 
Chicks and ducklings
Rabbits and bunnies
Roosters and Ducks
Banty Hens
Pygmy/Angora goats or Kids/Lamb if available
Exploring tables for birds and bunnies
Angora rabbits on tables
Hand-washing station
Large pen for children to enter

This version of our traveling farm is perfect for smaller groups (up to 150 people
indoor presentations, preschool and kindergarten field trips “at school.” 
Your guests will enjoy hands-on fun, interaction with the animals and birds, 
plus educational and fun presentations that delight children and adults. 

Option # 1
Option # 2
Three Hours / $750
Chicks on exploring table
Rabbits and bunnies
2 exploring tables for bunnies
Roosters and Ducks
Banty Hens
6 goats: pygmy, angora, dairy
Angora rabbits on tables
Wool display and a sheep
Hand washing station
Multiple pens for children to enter
Milking stand
Agriculture Display

Our Basic Farm on the GO! choice is available for $750 , and will serve groups of any size up to a recommended 500 people. Additional time is available at the rate of $200 per hour. Set up and take down time is included in the cost.We arrive for set up 1 ¼ hours prior to the beginning of your event. Packing after your event and cleaning the site requires one hour, and this is also included in your package.Enjoy many hands-on experiences with your guests, including milking a goat! 
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