Both children and adults from 60lbs to 250lbs can enjoy the challenge. 

Our trained staff insure your safety by properly harnessing individuals and then attaching them to the auto belay system. 

Our trained staff offers instruction and support to the climbers.

The most unique portable rock climbing wall available today! A sculpted waterfall and imbedded tree formation are on the sides of a 25’ light-weight fiberglass portable rock climbing wall. There are 5 climbing faces, compared to the 3 or 4 climbing faces on a standard rock wall. This allows for more participants and more routes to challenge the novice and experienced climber. The climber uses a harness and begins climbing up the rocks using handholds while secured with a safety line that is self-belaying (it automatically lowers the climber as they descend from the top of the wall).

Set up requirements - Approximately a 9' X 30' area is needed to setup (the trailer stays attached to the wall).  You'll also need an area free of low wires and branches, about 25-30 feet high. No electric power is needed. 



Rock Walls
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