• Completely eye-safe! 
• 11 adjustable settings using a Game Controller or Scenario Master (see below) 
• Digital readout for all gun functions 
• Sophisticated microcontroller-based design 
• No self-inflicted hits 
• 14 high quality sound and light effects 
• High flex interconnect cable between gun and Sunband 
• Internal industrial grade lens 
• Picatinny rail for mounting optics 
• Iron sights for easy aiming 
• Sling hook 
• Can be used indoors (with included lens reducer) or outdoors. 
Up to 8 players at a time!
fog machine
black lights
8 platey laser tag michigan
Post Prom Parties, Senior All Night Parties, Project Graduation and other late night school 
events in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Our portable laser tag rentals make for a great family reunion, all night grad  party, PTO carnival, corporate party, or fundraising event! 
Game Play Options - Our guns can be customized to simulate a wide range of guns, number of hits, amount of damage and more. This allows us to customize your game as needed. We can make games last longer or speed them up to accommodate a larger number of guests. Have older and younger kids that want to play together, we can increase difficulty for college ages.
Blast your opponent in this action-packed UFO Laser unit. The inside is filled with a maze of walls to conceal you from your adversaries. The Alien Head can be removed for smaller spaces.
Our laser tag guns will give you realistic play.  Each gun has a headband with sensors and a gun with sensors.  That means when someone sticks their head out or gun out to shot, they are vulnerable to being shot themselves.  Even if they try to cover a sensor, they still have 3 other sensors to shot at.  Our guns shoot distances of over 570 feet in full sunlight! Our headband targets are lightweight and easy to wear, greatly outclassing vests. Our 360 degree headbands allow for realistic marksmanship in a comfortable design.
We have  the latest technology.

 Post Prom Parties, , Project Graduation and other late night school Senior All Night Parties
events in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois
Laser Tag Rental Michigan, Portable Laser Tag,college events  Laser Tag Michigan, Laser Tag Ohio, Indiana, Illinois

Great for a Halloween Party. Comes with props Halloween music and staff with costumes and make up. 
Includes sound system!
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Black light effects
Your choice of game options:
6 life's
15 life's
18 life's
25 life's
Game time's
3 min, 5 min, 8 min
No hot vest
6,15,18 or 25 life's
For outside or large rooms we have the perfect set up with 12 hiding spots it works great!
Up to 8 players at a time! 33' X 18'
BIG! 42' x 22' over 900 sq feet! Up to 12 players at a time! Includes props , fog, music and lighting!